My curiosity (some call it an obsession) about QR Codes, those square-shaped bar codes that are popping up all over the place, continues to grow. I’ve blogged about it a few times (read those posts here) and will continue to do so in the future as I report on my quest to figure out how to best use them in the classroom.

Today I want to share with you two resources that could very well be the tipping point for a lot of you. These resources allow you to scan QR Codes using a webcam on a Mac or PC. That’s right, you don’t need a handheld device or smart phone to scan QR Codes! For someone like me that doesn’t have access to these things for my students, this is HUGE!

Here are some notes on the 3 tools I’ve found for making this happen…

QReader–QReader is a download for your computer that runs on Adobe AIR (which means you’ll have to download AIR, too). Grant it access to your webcam and start scanning! You can read a great post on how to use and install QReader here, and you can download it here.

QuickMark QR Code Reader–QuickMark is an app that you download. It is available in Mac and PC versions. One thing I like about QuickMark is that you can install it as an extension for your Google Chrome browser. When you find a QR Code on the web, the extension allows you to simply right click (or CTRL-click) and provides the option to “decode.” The extension also allows you to create QR Codes directly from Chrome. Check out the QuickMark downloads page here.

We’ve had great success incorporating QR Codes into our teaching. They are highly engaging for kids. And with these two tools, they’re easier than ever for you to incorporate, too.

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  • Sid

    Thanks…Quite useful.

  • greysurfer

    It’s more than quite useful, it’s a chance to read these things without having to fork out for a fancy mobile phone.

  • nyn

    how to save result of qr code reader in to my database.

  • John

    Whers’s the 3rd choice?