I often wonder what Dr. King would think of 2012. Or how different 2012 would be if April 4, 1963 hadn’t happened the way it did. I have to think that, having accomplished victories over segregationists and living to see much of his Dream fulfilled, he would have turned his attention to what seems to be the biggest remaining civil rights challenge: education.

I hope you’re able to take time, either personally or in the classroom, and reflect on the legacy of Dr. King and to ponder the question of how we can work together to bring more equality to our field.

It’s not exactly a seamless segue to now move to this week’s Twitter Ten, but I’d be remiss not to mention it…

Free time was hard to come by this week, and finding time to peruse my twitter stream was hard to do. I really only had one stretch of a few minutes last week and in that time, I was able to discover 10 great tweets from the amazing people we follow. So nearly all of this week’s 10 come from a 15 minute session of scrolling through my PLN’s tweets! Check out the gems that 15 minutes can reveal…

Summer Reading Recommendations: Global Titles (via @primarysource @libraryjenn)

Doodling and Visual Thinking: A Case For Paper (via @theASIDEblog)

10 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid at All Costs (via @21stprincipal @michaelhyatt)

Web 2.0 How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways (via @principalJ)

What I Need to Relearn (via @snbeach @brendasherry)

Should Teachers Own Their Own Learning (via @shareski @L_Hilt)

Dropbox Inventor Determined to Build the Next Apple or Google (via @SteveG_TLC @LATimes)

How to Focus in the Age of Distraction (via @Edudemic @s_bearden)

Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions (via @Harvard_Ed_Pub @HeidiSiwak)

Career of the Future: Data Scientist (via @AuntyTech)

Hope you find these useful. Let us know what stands out by leaving a comment…and keep tuned in for future editions of “The Ten” by subscribing to our blog today!

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