PBL Baby-Stepping: The Driving Question

Ok. So you want to do a project. A thoroughly planned, well-executed project that will both excite your students and engage them in meaningful content learning. As a first step, you’ve decided what you want your learning outcomes to be. Now you need to succinctly meld all those outcomes into one focused question: The Driving Question.

The Driving Question is simply the question you want your students to answer during the course of their project.

Here are some examples for a possible space-themed project:

The Driving Question needs to be focused and clear enough that students understand it. It also needs to pique their interest and get them excited and interested. On top of that, it needs to be challenging and not one that’s easy to answer.

So, what’s your driving question? How can you take the outcomes you have generated and encapsulate them into a single, purposeful, exciting, complex query? Hmm…that sounds like a driving question.